Neuron Prototype # 2009

Interactive installation, 3D game engine, infra-red tracking, lycra touch screen

by J. Grosz (CZ), P.Silondi (FR/CZ), P. Marencik (SK), R. Berisha (Kosovo/CZ).


Neurons is a multitouch modular screen displaying 3D environments composed by a network of neurons which can be re-organised, deleted, re-sized and rotated. The screen is made of a stretch textile. In order to interact with the neurons, the “participative viewer”, has to place his/her hands in contact with the screen and coordinate his/her movements in order to move the objects by sliding them or to re-size them by placing both hands on the opposite edges of the neuron and bringing them closer or moving them apart.


Neurons installation is multiplying the sensorial experience, implying the vision connected with sound and touch which are intensifying each other getting close to the point of synesthesy. The artwork screen is like a skin which the participant has to caress and which feeling invites to snuggle down. The connection between the artwork and the participant is highly strengthened by the resort of evocation of comfort and intimacy.


Techniques: 3D game engine, infrared video tracking, stretchable fabric, sound

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Neuron Prototype
Neuron Prototype