CYBERSPACE Exhibition # June 2016

3D game engines, VR/AR, Mechanic, Audio-visual interactive installations



The event is proposed by PragueCollege (CZ) and Libat, Hybrid Lab for arts and new technologies (FR/CZ),, and will take place at Bishop's Court, Prague from Monday June 6th, to Wednesday 15th. It will combine contemporary Arts with experimental and new electronic artistic forms of expression.

It's a 10 days workshop inviting artists, students and lecturers from Fine Arts/Experimental Media or IT/Computing department to work in an Omni-directional research Laboratory. The main goal of the workshop is about to share and exchange the visions and know-how of the different participants.

Different types of contemporary media, techniques and languages will be explored through performances, installations, video and soundscape creation, interactive 3D environments development, immersion in Cyberspace using VR Oculus rift, augmenting bodies by using different types of sensors, MIDI/OSC controllers, Arduino boards, video tracking and motion capture techniques using kinect, visual programming and game principles; to develop inter-media prototypes based on dynamic artistic approaches, and to finalized immersive interactive installations for the final Exhibition day on Wednesday June 15th.

Pascal Silondi I Artist/Lecturer, Workshop Director
Jakub Grosz I Artist/Lecturer, Workshop Coordinator
Laura Luna I Invited Artist
Pavel Suchanek I Technical coordination

Alexei Strapchev (Computing & systems development)
Lala Lutfalibayova (Fine arts/Experimental media)
Lukas Lohnicky (Computing & systems development)
Antonio Ferrari (Fine arts/Experimental media)
Aya Akhmetova (Fine arts/Experimental media)

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CYBERSPACE Exhibition # June 2016
CYBERSPACE Exhibition # June 2016