Polibek # 2008

Interactive installation, 3D game engine, augmented latex mask

by P.Silondi (FR/CZ), M.Silondi (CZ)


Polibek is questioning where and how physical contact contacts, feeling and humanity have their place in the contemporary disembodied social network and mass media culture. The installation is forcing a close and unusual relation between the “user-lover-emergency rescue worker” and intimate media messages asleep in a cold 3D digital body. He/her can enter that private space by taking a latex mask in her/his hands and blowing into its mouth to  apply a kind of artificial respiration and help to awake or bring back to life feelings, remembers, thoughts, excitement and warmness in representation.


Techniques: 3D game engine, latex mask augmented with sensors, MIDI/OSC protocols, Audio-Video sequences and processing.

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