META.ID-s 4 # 2008

Workshop/Exhibition, VR/AR, 3D game engine, Mechanic, Audio/Video, sensors

The purpose of META.ID-s IV was about to develop a 5 days in-situ workshop at Prague College. That workshop was produced by LIBAT - Hybrid Laboratory for Arts and New Technologies, and was directed by Pascal and Marie Silondi. We proposed a collaborative, sensible and inter-media experience, inviting artists like Christophe Saidi, students and technological experts like Quix to work in a collaborative environment.

Interested in the use of new media and new technologies in arts and design, we presented technological principles like motion capture, MIDI protocols and sensors. We discussed and then created a hybrid environment, inter-connecting concepts, un-linear story-telling, aesthetics and technical know-how. We proposed a experimental space in between performance and installation, crossing media and techniques like videos, sounds, laser and 3D space, in a contemporary interactive and navigable mixed architecture open to audience.

We thank the Prague College and the students from Interactive Media, involved in all aspects of the workshop.

Anastasia Chrysanthakopoulou, Jakub Grosz, Daniel Jerabek, Michael Kidane, Zaira Kulsariyeva, Jamba Mulimbwe, Simona Noera, Tomas Patlich, Jana Peknikova, Tihana Valent.

Special Thanks to QUIX's team and Christophe Saidi for their participation, their know how, open mind, curiosity and creativity.

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