Virtual Palac Akropolis # 2000

Culture heritage, Urban 3D, 3D game engine, Internet

by P.Silondi

An Interactive 3D environment shared on Internet, based on the architecture of the culture center "Palac Akrolis" located in Prague, and designed by Franta Skala.It aims to be a 3D environment able to present audio-video live or recorded streamed broadcasts as concerts, online theater, performances, artistic events, video art. It's a 3D platform which proposed alternative digital spaces, abstracts or realistics, developping various types of galleries dedicated to the presentation of digital experiments on Internet.A space of artistic creation, exchanges, broadcast and experimentations based on the new possible relationships between real and virtual culture spaces. It's principles participated in a larger network that will interconnect several european culture centers using 3D immersive technologies, and proposing cross experiences in between artists and interdisciplinary researchers. ( e-AGORA, E-GALAB, ETUDE, UNDERGROUND CITY 3D, etc. )

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Virtual Palac Akropolis
Virtual Palac Akropolis