Tchouri in Metz # 2008

Interactive installation, 3D game engine, augmented Latex skin, Knife

“Tchouri” in Romany became "Surin", synonym of knife in French argot. That’s here about to perforate a latex skin augmented by pressure and motion sensors with a knife. The produce of that penetration will interfere with the organization of dismembered altered representations of classical first-person shooter and “death-match” 3D games, creating atypical audio-video mixes inside alternative interactive 3D environment. The plot is about to discuss the violence of “Frags” when performed in public space with a ‘real’ weapon and a skin artefact as interface with artistic representation. It’s a story of frustrations and fantasies, when users are used to get in front of their home screen immediate responses and recompenses, whoever, whatever, or however they kill, without caring of consequences, morality and responsibility as they can instantly re-spawn and play again.

 Techniques: 3D game engine, latex skin augmented with sensors, MIDI/OSC protocols, Audio-Video sequences and processing.

- Jernej Cernalogar (Slovenia) : SoundScape and Patch creation
- Samuel Moucha (France) : Creation of the "Surin".

Special Thanks to Marie Silondi, Pamela Ranfaing, Jakub Kopecky and  Jaroslav Bezdék for their creative help.

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