Modern Anxiety # 2016

Workshop/Exhibition, VR/AR, 3D scans, Mechanic, in Skolska 28, Prague (CZ)

18-22 July 2016

Modern Anxiety
Open studio/workshop/ Exhibition in Skolska 28, Prague (CZ)

Laura Luna, Pascal Silondi and Jakub Grosz

During 5 days various technologies such as virtual reality, 3D scans, electro-acoustic soundscapes, sensors and motors will converge with traditional techniques such as embroidery and sculpture to create a series of installations reflecting on and exploring the ideas of alienation, modern anxiety and the acts of forgetting and remembering, by recreating places of memory, inhabited spaces, emotional states involving audio-visual materials and behaiours captured in-situ during the process, which aim to transmit a memory
and pay hommage to the Skolska28 gallery which always reflected and welcomed creativity.

The resulting installations will be exhibited from July 18th till 22nd. You are also very welcome for the opening on July 18th from 6pm.

Photo and videos by Alex Hall

Thanks to you all for such a great invitation!

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Modern Anxiety # July 2016
Modern Anxiety # July 2016