RE-VOLVER # 2016

3D game engines, VR, Mechanic, Painball Gun

RE-VOLVER is an immersive Virtual Reality installation which involves a 3D interactive environment saturated by frantic animated GIFs and sound loops extracted from the mass media messages which are invading the everyday life in private or public spaces. The Oculus rift, VR headset, is controlling the viewpoint of the user in the 3D space and is producing a chaotic rotation of a paintball gun. The gun shots are activated by the interaction of the user with the AI principles of the 3D space and the colored paint splashes invade progressively the walls of the real.

It is the history of a brain-washed media system which rambles in the lights of a digital “funfair” saturated with human signs, sounds and moving pictures which can awake curiosity and exacerbate sensitivity and critical skills. It's a journey into the shadows of our contemporary society's illusions and formatted messages, where beings are too often reduced to an object or seduced by the mechanical game of power. It’s a mirror of freedom and consciousness created by atypical assemblages and unbreakable cycles, an absurd technological dance between virtual and real representations or behaviours.

RE-VOLVER first prototype was created by Pascal Silondi using an updated version of 3D Zona, and presented during the Cyberspace workshop proposed by Libat and Praguecollege, in June 2016, Prague (CZ)

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