UC3D / Division of the self # 2010

Multi-users 3D environment, Internet, 3D game engines


UC3D # Division of the self, V0.1 for Lamparna

You can discover different types of cells connected to the “Rhizome architecture” of the 3D Labin ex-coal mine tunnels recently reconstructed by P. Silondi and J. Grosz from laser measurements like an Agora, a Gallery or l’ombilic and Targeted body. It is a vision of the being projected in abstraction and in the architecture of messages and data structures. It is a 3D multimedia environment where one can question their identity when surrounded by digital autonomous agents and emerging visions of a contemporary network society and interactive digital cities. “Division of the self” is the products of deep interdisciplinary collaboration, and are inspired by Stefano Cavagnetto and Bruce Gahir papers about “The conception of the self in multiple cyber worlds” where they discuss many issues about personal identity and propose a model of the Self in Cyberspace based on the information theory, “The Code of Coal” or “Cellular Automata and the Game of Life” that focuses on algorithms and representation and “Morality and Artificial Agents in Cyberspace.”

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UC3D # Division of the self
UC3D # Division of the self