Underground Landscapes # 2009

Interactive installation, 3D game engine, augmented hammers

by P.Silondi (FR/CZ) and M.Silondi (CZ),

The “User-miner” is immersed simultaneously in multiple 3D cyber underground worlds projected in parallel. This is a schizophrenic space where dissonances, fractures and nomadic beings are immured. Equipped with 2 hammers augmented with motion sensors, the new wenty first century miner may initiate his descent into abyss. There, he can explore a network of multimedia tunnels occupied by pixelated shadows and virtual characters glued to frantic loops, mechanical rhythms and over-cadenced sounds, all inspired by past industrial revolution. Still under pressure and near to explosion, the virtual belly can let escape at any moment an imperceptible lethal information sheet.

Techniques: 3D game engine, hammer augmented with sensors, MIDI/OSC protocols, generative and interactive sound synthesis, Audio-Video sequences and processing, , 3 video projections.

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Underground Landscape
Underground Landscape