CYBERSPACE Exhibition # Sept 2018

3D game engines, VR/AR, Mechanic, Audio-visual interactive installations



Exhibition of the immersive and interactive Art installations created in situ during The CyberSpace Workshop 2018. It will combine contemporary Arts and technologies with experimental and new electronic artistic forms of expression in Virtual Reality.

The event is directed by Pascal Silondi and Jakub Grosz and produced by PragueCollege (CZ) and Libat laboratory (FR/CZ)
The Exhibition is based on a 7 days workshop and invites artists, students and lecturers to work in an Omni-directional research Laboratory.

The “Cyberspace Exhibition” aims to propose different stimulating aesthetic experiences in what the public is performing as a set of disturbing agents who can introduce chaos into sensitive digital creations, involving alternatively emotions, behaviors, critical or alternative thinking, and capacity to act when surrounded by multimedia messages and representations.

We propose to experience and to open a discussion about the technologies which are invading our everyday life. How can we return to being the “cre-actor” and not only the downloader or consumer of pre-digested mass media messages? Is it possible nowadays to re-appropriate our own public/private space and the technological tools which belong to its control, to create and share un-formatted visions, critiques and Utopian visions?

By using interactive and sensitive principles, the different artworks presented will aim to modify the traditional relation viewer-representation and to open artistic visions to improbable changes initiated by others.

Different types of contemporary media, techniques and languages will be explored during the workshop like performance, installation, video and sounds-cape creation, interactive 3D environments and immersion in cyberspace using Oculus rift or HTC Vive Virtual Reality systems, augmenting bodies, instruments and objects by using different types of sensors and motors, MIDI/OSC controllers, Arduino boards, video tracking and motion capture techniques, programming and 3D game principles, etc.

Our goal is to develop inter-media prototypes based on dynamic approaches and to finalized interactive installations or performances for the Exhibition.

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CYBERSPACE Exhibition # Sept 2018
CYBERSPACE Exhibition # Sept 2018