Fractal City # 2011

Multi-users 3D environment, Internet, 3D game engines

by P.Silondi (FR/CZ), J.Grosz (CZ), R.Berisha (Kosovo/CZ)

A 3D multi-users environment inspired by the Sierpinski Pyramid and developed using Parametric and procedural architecture principles. It's a space where the past, presented as video archive samples, is interlaced with visions of the being immured in the contemporary media society. It’s a tango between lights and shadows which are crossing the small apertures of nowadays social bunkers. You can there use different collaborative tools, like a chat, a painting tool, a drawing trajectories tool, shared text boards and more…

Techniques: 3D game engine, Lantern, internet, generative and interactive sound synthesis, Audio-Video sequences and processing.

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Fractal City
Fractal City