META.ID-s 2 # 2007

Workshop, Interactive installation, Performance, 3D game engines

The purpose of the second META.ID-s, created by P.Silondi and Libat in 2007, was to develop a one week long workshop in the Lamparna art center, Croatia, owned by Labin art express.

The META.ID-s platform initiated during the event aimed to propose this time, a multimedia environment as well as a hybrid scenography navigable as an installation, where medias, performers and public were interacting with each other to compose a modular audio-visual architecture based on main significant key frames like net work communication and data streaming.  The narrative issues of that installation were kept opened as an invitation to travel into storytelling networks and layer more than a linear composition, to propose atypical cognitive experiences and systems to hybrid real and digital space.

The main goal of the workshop was about to share and exchange the visions and know-how of the different participants. They  explored different types of contemporary medias, techniques and languages like performance, video and soundscape creation, interactive 3D environments creation and un-linear storytelling, augmenting bodies by using different sensors' types, MIDI controllers, video tracking techniques and programming systems, to propose an inter-media scenography based on dynamic navigation principles into a narrative body constituted of micro-stories as well as micro-scenes, created especially for that event in the Lamparna art centre.

From that collaboration between Libat and LAE started the future project UC3D/XXI.

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